Tonkatsu is a classic Japanese food. Tonkatsu sauce makes tonkatsu tasted perfectly great. TAKAHASHI SAUCE is founded 70 years ago that creates the real favor of Japanese sauce. This premier sauce is made from vegetables and fruits are mainly produced in Japan. Retaining traditions methods and pursuing the perfection in taste plays an important role on Japanese sauce standard.

Company : TAKAHASHI SAUCE Co., Ltd.
Address : shimonodou 604-7, honjo-shi, saitama prefecture, Japan
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10-minute rice brings Japanese food culture to a new standard level. Based on soft steam process, the calories of the rice stay same but increasing glucose, amino acid, etc to make rice tastes more delicious. Only 10 minutes you can have hot and delicious rice! Besides, rice can be cooked by microwave as well. Soft steam rice goes over the knowledge of rice so far, broadens the needs and its possibility and also supports the growth of Japanese food culture.

Company : TML Inc.
Address : B302, Nishitomida 1011-3, honjo-shi, saitama prefecture, Japan
E-mail : yamakawa@softsteam.co.jp
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What is recognized as current Japanese cuisine in the world. Selected ingredients, inquisitiveness, technological innovation and high productivity city, Saitama prefecture provides the best food materials. Saitama prefecture is the root of ingredients productivity that inspires original food brand to be established. That is SAITAMA RESOURCE.

食・素材に対する日本随一のこだわり・探究心・技術革新、そして生産力を有する埼玉県。この埼玉が誇る厳選された食・素材により、世界に発信する「埼玉の新たな価値」を創出するブランド、それが“SAITAMA RESOURSE”です。

June 22-25, 2016
The 26th Taipei International Food Show Report
  高橋ソース株式会社 | TAKAHASHI SAUCE Co., Ltd.
株式会社T.M.L | TML Inc.

August 2-5, 2016
Wellness Food Japan 2016 in Tokyo Big Sight Report
  前田食品株式会社 | Maeda Shokuhin Inc.
井上スパイス工業株式会社 | INOUE SPICE Inc.
お茶っこサロン 一煎 | JapaneseTea Salon Issen
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